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Three different characters collide at the Brooklyn intersection;

their hope, need, and thirst takes us on a life-changing journey in an urban pot.

A sequence from David Lynch’s movie Blue Velvet should appear in the first story. Daniel Strehlau had a meeting with Mr. David Lynch, who authorized the use of this sequence from his movie in the possible production of Daniel Strehlau...

Reg. WGA, W - Nr. 1574537 & Library of Congress TXu 1-925-859
Director's note on aesthetics and structure:

"BROOKLYN" is a screenplay I wrote in 1997 under the title THREE STORIES, which was translated into English and French and presented with the confirmation of delivery to various producers and distributors in Eastern Europe (1997 - 2005), France (1999 - MK2 of Marin Karmitz), Great Britain (2000) and the U.S. (Manhattan Film Center - 1998; MIRAMAX film - 1999). I discovered this text again in 2011 and I think is current then ever...


The project BROOKLYN is built on three independent stories. The audience will pay one ticket and watch three movies, but they will have feeling they watch one movie. The emotion of being in love, the sense of being together with someone is the main plot of the story "Need", which is written in a kitschy comedy drama style, while the feeling of injustice, existential problems and rejection are the main idea in the story - "Hope" presented in a real documentary language style. The third story, a drama, "Thirsty", is about the sadness and sorrow after the death of a dearest person and about the way to come back to normal life and to maintain it.

In my opinion there are to many movies today, which have three intertwined stories.

Documentary Film Projects:

BASHEVIS - WORK IN PROGRESS - world premiere soon.


Fullenght doc, 75`: BASHEVIS - prod; dir, prod, screenplay.

Feature documentary project about life and work of Isaac Bashevis Singer, popular  Jewish - American writer born in East Europe.

More info at: 


The TV documentary project about the history and life of The Jews of Krakow in Poland. Krakow belongs to the oldest cities of Poland, where the history of Jews is about 800 years old.


 Photo session 2012: 7 DAYS IN NEW YORK CITY

After the session 7 DAYS IN PARIS the series will be continued... 

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