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KOLNOA - The 1st Israeli Film Festival and Palestinian Film Day took place in April 2009 organized by Daniel Strehlau

Thanks to the festival, those who attended had the opportunity to realize the desire for peace, understanding, and the goal of cooperation that Israeli and Palestinian persons view as central to creating a brighter future of two states solution.

The Palestinian Film Day will be continued in Spring 2010 as a separeted event. During the 1.Palestinian Film Day in April 2009 we had Palestinian guests, who did join the workshops in Jewish Historical Institute about tragedy of Jews of Warsaw.


The delegation of the gustes from Palestine in Jewish Historical Institute at the exhibition Warsaw Ghetto uprising.


 During the festival we will present the best and the newest film productions of Israeli cinematography.

We know that not all Israeli productions have typical Jewish content, therefore I would like to present to Warsaw audience the films, which we cannot present on the other Jewish Film Festival as well as we would like to present acclaimed Israeli co productions, which are taking many awards and honors at world famous film festivals.


Opening of the 1st Festival was the Official Premiere of WALTZ WITH BASHIR, which won our Kolnoa Audience Award.


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