Studio filmowe OKNA
Two singles need something to stay together. 


A poster by Daniel J. Strehlau  


 The short film about two singles living together: Anna - a young woman and Peter - young man in a troubled relationship. Filmed in black & white, with only one short dialog the film shows  only certain aspects of their life - they obviously are having difficulties in their emotions, resulting in some misunderstandings. We can read only their bodies language, which express their blocked emotions, lack of communication and fear of the future.

In the beginning she wants something that he doesn't want. Later he wants something and she...

The movie will be reedit and up scaled into the Full HD quality from 35 mm print soon in the nearest future after the budget will be ready.
produced, directed, written by Daniel Strehlau
edited by Milenia Fiedler
camera: Tomek Kuzio
sound: Bartek Wozniak
cast: Grzegorz Damiecki & Dorota Landowska 
B&W, The WINDOWS Film Studio , 7 Min, Mini DV - Beta Broadcasts, 1999

The film is based on the screenplay and storyboard by Daniel J Strehlau written in 1994.


© Hollywood 2013 by Daniel Strehlau