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"BASHEVIS. A Love Story" - a feature hybrid documentary

Despite great interest from diverse sources in the hybrid feature documentary Bashevis, A Love Story, based on the life of Isaac Bashevis Singer, the film remains unfinished.  Production was initiated in 2008 with an 18% grant of the film's total budget from the Polish Film Institute (PFI) which was only partially fulfilled, and a 16% investment from the film's producer & director, Daniel Strehlau.  The financial report of the PFI subsidy was accepted by the PFI accountant.  The result of the budget shortfall was that production of Bashevis, A Love Story was halted in 2011.  The current status of the film is an 85-minute draft.  The production staff and fans of Bashevis Singer worldwide are hopeful that investors will be found to finish this film about a remarkable storyteller and recipient of the Nobel Prize in Literature.  Oct. 8, 2019.


      I am a producer, director, editor and author of the screenplay for the feature documentary "BASHEVIS. A love story". The idea of this feature documentary is based on the meetings and interviews with characters of I.B. Singer`s books intertwined with the real witnesses, commentators of his life - Mr. Paul Mazursky, Janet Hadda (psychologist), Israel Zamir (his son in Israel), Richard Burgin (author of the book about I.B. Singer), Dvorah Menashe (last secretary). The characters are acted by actors, and they talk about the writer through filtered stories described by him in his books. The movie is on hold until missing budget will be collected.  Oct. 8, 2019.   

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