Studio filmowe OKNA
"FAULT" a new film project by Daniel Strehlau! 
The short supports homeless veterans.
IMDB PRO: In his post-apocalyptic world, 
a combat soldier fights for his survival.
"LOOP" was in consideration for 91st OSCAR® Nomination 
            in a Live Action Short Category 2019!                   Available to watch on Amazon USA & Amazon UK 
LOOP - 89 sec. trailer of a narrative short, USA, 30`, 2018
dir, prod, written, edited and acted by Daniel Strehlau
1 min. 49 sec. actor`s reel of Daniel Strehlau

2016 Bernie Sanders Campaign Hollywood Office
37 min. documentary draft about the rally with Bernie Sanders
made in National City, Ca on May 21, 2016: 
"We the People of the Revolution" 

Need - 3 Min trailer of the fiction short, April 2016
Ron Meyer, the Vice Chairman of NBCUniversal via his secretary:
Ron enjoyed watching your film & you made a good job, he wishes you his best
Fantasia by Burton Gray - a 15 min doc. about a digital painter.
20 Min. Daniel Strehlau`s reel of commercial demo,
seven pre student 
& independent productions: 2013 - 1996
The full versions of the following movies are available here:

4 Min. 16 sec. of Coffee demo commercial & no cash & no time commercials
for Warsaw Jewish FF established in 2003 by Daniel Strehlau
 2015, 2009, 2008, 2006, 2005: produced, written, directed,  
animated, edited, sound designed and narrated by Daniel J Strehlau

2013, Los Angeles
MEIR`S FESTIVAL - a short documentary about Israel Film Festival and its director Meir Feningstein with great particpation of: Sherry Lansing, Martin Landau, Avi Lerner, Branko Lustig and others.
Exhibition of photo: 7 DAYS IN PARIS:
  Sunday:    The windows & the doors
  Monday:    Boats & bridges
  Tuesday:   People
  Wednsday:  Pieces
  Thursday:  Classics
  Friday:    Books
  Saturday:  Perspectives

2008 January, Los Angeles

The postproduction and directory of the documentary project in Yiddish language:

2007 February, Los Angeles

Daniel Strehlau in photo session by Irvin Kershner in Kersh home.

The Camera of David Award

2003 November 

Daniel Strehlau established, as a director & organizer, by his own author idea the annual Jewish Film Festival in East Europe - first ever in this part of the world
2003 April   


The Polish edition of NEWSWEEK 05/2003 published an atrticle about Daniel Strehlau "Talent and sefl-assurance".

The MINISTRY OF EDUCATION of REPUBLIC OF POLAND recommends the documentaries THE JEWS OF WARSAW (No. 1473/02)and HANUKKAH A DOUBLE TIME(No.1464/02) as instructional aid for all high schools and colleges in Poland. See: letters.
2002 November, Baltimore & Washington, DC
Screenings of the documentaries THE JEWS OF WARSAW and HANUKKAH A DOUBLE TIME in Baltimore in The Jewish Community Center and in Washington, DC.
See: screenings
See: Gallery 12
2001 - 2000, NYC
The movies of Daniel Strehlau -THE JEWS OF WARSAW, HANUKKAH A DOUBLE TIME, THE WINDOWS, MISUNDERSTANDINGS were distributed on VHS by iconic video store chain KIM`S VIDEO across New York City.

more here in the Gallery.
1998 June, Berkeley, Ca
The documentary THE JEWS OF WARSAW was awarded by The Fifth Jewish Video Competition sponsored by Judah L. Magnes Museum in Berkeley, Ca. 
1996 September
THE WINDOWS - the first Daniel Strehlau`s fiction short based on his own screenplay and his storyboard from 1993.
35 mm print, indie production

1984 May 5

Daniel Strehlau (13) made his first documentary SCHOOL FEST on Super 8 mm print Lomo 219 about his elementary School. He did present his film through 2 weeks in his school. At that time he has got permission not to join the lessons through those weeks.


Daniel Strehlau Film Art Work
Daniel Strehlau was six years old, when he started draw frames, like a screen, inside of which he created human beings in some drama situations with dialogs, he wrote the title:"PSYCHOLOGICAL GRAMA", because he thought that drama and grammar is the same. Later he collected money for 8 months for his first motion camera Lomo 219 Super 8 MM to make his first movies.  


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