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The premiere of the documentary HANUKKAH, A DOUBLE TIME in "WARSAW - JERUSALEM" Restaurant.
 Among the special guests, who did join the event were:
- His Excellency Prof. Shewach Weiss, The Ambassador of the State of Israel in PL 
- His Excellency Prof. Frank Elbe - the Ambassador of Germany in PL 
- His Excellency Mr. Tomás Kátona - the Ambassador of the Hungary in PL
- Her Excellency Mrs. Veronica Smigolova - the Ambassador of the Czech Republic in PL
- Mr. Andrew Koss, Counselor for Public Affairs of US Embassy in PL - representative of US Ambassador in PL
- Mrs. Beata Milewska, Cultural Affairs Assistant from U.S. Embassy in Poland
- Mr. Victor Cherner, Attaché de cooperation éducative - the representative of the Ambassador of France Republic
- Mrs. Anna Szymczak - representative of Prime Minister of RP Mr. Leszek Miller
- Mrs. Dir. Joanna Hofman, representative of Minister of Foreign Affairs of PL Mr. Min. Wlodzimierz Cimoszewicz
- Prof. Wladyslaw Bartoszewski
- Prof. Andrzej Eliasz, Chancellor of The University of Social Psychology in Warsaw, PL
- Prof. Marian Turski - POLITYKA weekly
- Rev. Prof. Adam Czajkowski
- The representatives of The E.U.(Mrs. Roza Thun) as well as Jewish Foundations and Organizations
- The Press - TV, Radio, Weeklies, Dailies

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