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A narrative feature biopic screenplay about the life, work, and legacy of the legendary and iconic Senator Bernard Sanders and TV show version with more plots.    

For feature I have so far first 40 pages of draft screenplay of about 150 pages. It takes time to write 65 years of life of a man into 150 minutes, but it`s going well - June 2020.    


From the social struggles in the 1950s in Brooklyn, New York, through the fight for civil rights against segregated Chicago in the 1960s, the free spirit of the 1970s, and the spectacular successes as mayor of Burlington, Vermont in the 1980s. Bernie Sanders is an outstanding and prominent senator fighting for the interests of American people in the Congress and Senate in the 1990s and 2000s. He was the first Progressive Presidential Campaign agenda in 2016 and the most popular presidential candidate in 2020. This is the life of Senator Bernie Sanders, the disappointments of his youth, his successes and failures, and the love of his life.        

I had an honor to meet Senator during my volunteering work for his 2016 & 2019 campaigns, when I introduced him my idea about biopic about him and I am in contact with his son.

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