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The Jews of Warsaw

Dedicated to the inhabitants of Jewish cities, villages and shtetls which exist no more...

"The touching documentary about the history of Warsaw Jews."
Jiddele. Jewish Open Magazine. Poland

 "The first documentary in the world about the past Jewish Life in Warsaw." 
Dos Jidisze Wort. Poland.

The purpose of this documentary is to present the vibrant life, people and culture of the Jewish community in Warsaw for the 1,000 years leading up to the pre-World War II period, to the extermination of Warsaw Ghetto, to Janusz Korczak`s last days. The film examines historical sites and the world of Polish Jewry. Historical documentary includes black & white and color sequences divided into five acts: Aleph - History, Bet - Faith, Gimmel - Theater, Daleth - Growing-up, He - concern. Every act shows a different aspect of life. Historical footage is intertwined with contemporary pictures of the same places. Many of the pictures are popular and were obtained from archives; however, some are unknown and include unique footage such as the veterans of the Polish - Russian war from 1920. The veterans are shown in front of the Great Synagogue on Tlomackie Street with the chief rabbi of the Polish Army, Colonel Steinberg, who was killed with Polish and Jewish officers at Katyn in 1941. Historical pictures are accompanied by a commentary and help illustrate facts and the content of the film.

The Fifth Jewish Video Competition awarded The Jews Of Warsaw in Berkeley, California, May 1998.





The copies of the film are in english PAL as well as NTSC TV system. 

The Jews Of Warsaw is Strehlau`s full lenght documentary debut.

Dur: 38 min.
Prod: May 1997 / Digital remastered 2001.
Script and directory: DANIEL STREHLAU
Prod: The Windows Film Studio Daniel Strehlau


The Jews Of Warsaw as well as the documentary Hanukkah A Double Time is independent productions produced thanks to private sponsors as well as my own budget. The documentaries had a lot of screenings in Poland and in USA. Since the premieres, both films are working for good relations between the Polish and Jewish peoples, whose history is connected over about one thousand years.


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