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     I am a Jewish freelance filmmaker from Brooklyn NY, living in Los Angeles, Ca, born in Warsaw, Poland.
      Since 2000 & 2008 I live in USA: NYC, LA and I am a proud progressive US citizen.  
     I am MA in religion science of the Christian theological faculty at Christian Theological Academy. I am not a Christian. I studied German & Slavic literature, history of philosophy and film production in East Europe (Leon Shiller Film, Tv, Stage Theater School, Poland). My fisrt two long documentaries were on Jewish topics: THE JEWS OF WARSAW was awarded in 1998 by Judah L. Magnes Museum in Berkeley, Ca, USA, and the second one HANUKKAH, A DOUBLE TIME was awarded in 2003 by The 4th International Days of Documentary Cinema. I made a few short narratives (one of them NOT ENOUGH was accepted into the competition for Oscar Nomination in the short action category and received the Academy Certificate).
      I am ready now for one of my two feature  narratives, which one of them is based on my screenplay BROOKLYN (Registered at WGA,W - Nr.1574537).  
      I consider myself as a non - religious Polish Jew and the democrat. 
More info:
      In 2003 I established, as a director & organizer, by my own idea the annual Jewish Film Festival in East Europe - first ever in this part of the world. In 2004 Mr. Irvin Kershner became a Jury Chairman of my festival. I became friend with Kersh till his death, since Mr. Kershner joined in 2001 public screenings of my documentaries at UCLA, LA, Ca. In 2006 I selected a short film WEST BANK STORY for my Festival, which was granted 1st CAMERA OF DAVID Award of my Festival and three months later won OSCAR® in the same category. In 2007 I selected for the competition of my Festival Israeli BEAUFORT and KATYN, three months later both films received OSCAR® nominations in foreign language film category. In 2006 my Festival showed the short documentary BROOKLYN: AMONG THE RUINS edited by BENH ZEITLIN, the 2013 Oscar nomination winner and director of BEASTS OF SOUTHERN WILD. In 2011 my Festival showed and awarded the feature documentary INTERRUPTED STREAMS directed by GUY DAVIDI, the 2013 Oscar nomination winner and director of FIVE BROKEN CAMERAS.

Promotional video about Warsaw Jewish FF - 6min
WJFF commercial clips 2017 - 2003 - 5 min

Irvin Kershner               Paul Mazursky, Beverly Hills  Agnes Varda & Daniel
& Daniel Strehlau                                            Strehlau, Paris
      In 2005 I visited Universal City to hand the Honorary Camera of David Award for Mr. Steven Spielberg in his office, who was represented by Mr. Marvin Levy, PR. In 2010 I visited Universal City again to hand the David Camera Award for Mr. Quentin Tarantino`s INGLORIOUSE BASTARDS in his office. In 2010 I handed The Honorary Camera of David Award to Mr. Paul Mazursky in Beverly Hills, Ca.    
      During my Festival I established many Jewish - Palestinian peace dialog meetings and educational programs for both sides. The Festival was organized through 10 years with limited budget and is not supported seriously by culture institutions of the country, where was organized. The country supported seriously other festivals.
      In 2010 I organized Israeli Film Fest KOLNOA with Palestinian Film Day AL-SEENIMA in East Europe - first ever.  
      Thanks to the festival, those who attended had the opportunity to realize the desire for peace, understanding, and the goal of cooperation that Israeli and Palestinian persons view as central to creating a brighter future of two states solution.
     I am a producer, director of my dba THE WINDOWS FILM STUDIO located in New York City.
     I work with & own FCP Studio 7.3. I am an editor: both technically & creatively. I edited most of my films.

          In the years 2012 - 2013  I was a president of my own dba PARALLAX TALENT AGENCY, located in iconic Figueroa Building in Los Angeles, Ca and licensed by State of California, which represented me and my projects. 

Additional info:

      I watched in my life more than 4000 only good movies (till 2013). I started watching, when I was 7 years old. When I was  six years old I started draw frames, like screen, inside of which I created human beings in some drama situations and dialog, I wrote the title: "PSYCHOLOGICAL GRAMA", because I thought that drama and grammar is the same. Later I collected for 8 months money for my first camera Soviet Lomo 219 Super 8 MM. When I was 9 years old, I started to make some documentations of my dog`s life, experimental and SiFi animations using Star Wars models and built some of the models by myself, finally I directed  my own completed film: a short documentary about my elementary school, when I was 13 years old - on Super 8 mm print. As a teenager I was a member of Film Discussion Club for 10 years and Amateur Film Club "MOTIV". 


RESUME & Cover letter 




 International experience, worked on indie and not indie set in Europe (The Windows Film Studio), Israel (Hammon Hafakot), USA (The Windows Film Studio)  as a director and actor
• 16 + years experience in producing, directing and editing short and feature narratives and documentaries as well as commercials 

• Advanced knowledge of FCP 7.2, both technically and creatively for the produced movie 

• Experience in original and adapted screenplays writing, wrote, corrected, edited, authored  original and adapted screenplays: "BROOKLYN", "BASHEVIS" 

• Acting experience in the narrative indie productions


• 2005 Academy Awards Certificate for 30 Min narrative short "NOT ENOUGH"

• 2003 3rd European Award by The 4th International Days of Documentary Cinema for the documentary "HANUKKAH, A DOUBLE TIME" 

• 1998 Award from Judah Magnes Museum for a documentary "THE JEWS OF WARSAW" - Annual Video Jewish Competition Berkeley, California 1998


• producer, director, screenplay, actor, editor: 



  - commercials: "DAN`s COFFEE" NYC 2010; commercials of annual Jewish Film Festival in East Europe (2005, 2006, 2008, 2009, 2011)


• PLAYHOUSE WEST Sanford Meisner acting study, Los Angeles

• Leon Schiller Film, Tv, Stage Theater School: film & TV production; film directing and Stanislavsky acting method study


• under development a narrative short "A LOOP"

• under development a narrative feature project: "BROOKLYN"

• production, directing of a documentary feature "BASHEVIS" - currently in postproduction 



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