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Letter via e-mail from Irvin Kershner  about THREE STORIES project


To whom it may concern

It was my pleasure to see Daniel Strehlau's documentaries and to spend some hours with him. He told me about the three interwoven stories that he wants to make into a feature (or TV) production and the actors he has chosen are some of the best of Polish stage and screen. With his fine academic background, his making of short-films and documentaries and his passion for cinema, I do believe that he will make an outstanding film that would make a worthy nominee for the Academy Awards foreign language film category.

Irvin Kershner


Rabbi Chaskel O. Besser, Holocaust survivor from Poland wrote a letter to Daniel Strehlau due the occasion of HANUKKAH, A DOUBLE TIME premiere in NYC, USA.


The Ronald S. Lauder Foundation

New York City
New York City, December 11th, 2000.

Dear Ladies and Gentlemen,  I couldn't be today on the screening of the documentary HANUKKA A DOUBLE TIME, but I would like to share with you with my great respect for the amazing film production of Mr. Daniel Strehlau. I am sure, you will agree with me after the screening of those documentaries.

I wish to Mr. Strehlau a great success in the production of his new projects, which will make famous the polish cinematography around the world.

Rabbi Chaskel O. Besser

The Ronald S. Lauder Foundation

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